Substance 3D Designer文件(必须有版本11 . 3 . 0 build 5258 Release(2021-11-10))或更高版本才能打开该文件)


了解如何在Substance 3D Designer中轻松创建这种材料!

MP4 |视频:h264,1920×1080 视频演绎 无音频 |时长:2小时 25分钟 |大小解压后: 2.24 GB 含课程文件

Substance 3D Designer File( must have version 11.3.0 build 5258 Release (2021-11-10)) or higher to be able to open the file)
Stylized Old Bricks – Substance 3D Designer
Unedited, real time speed, video on how to create the material from scratch.

Learn how to easily create this material within Substance 3D Designer!

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