Unreal Engine Marketplace – Ghost Trails人物行动轨迹踪影
This system allows user to add components to blueprints or scene actors, to make meshes cast ghost trails. Those trails will copy geometry from master mashes they were cast from, so trails will have identical shape. Component have some settings, that allow to change lifetime of ghosts, their spawn delay, materials and parameters, that changes over time (linearly or by custom curve asset) and some more features.

But component is not a core of this system. Special GhostTrail Manager is responsible for all the logic and properties. If you do not want to use component, you can use this manager alone to add meshes, which must to cast trails.
• Number of Blueprints: 1 component + 1 actor BP + 4 demo blueprints
• List of features:
• Trail all meshes or the ones that have tags.
• Ghost lifetime and spawn delay
• Interpolate materials parameters over ghost exist time.
• Scale overtime
• Skeletal Mesh support
• Use separate manager to dynamically add meshes to cast trails from different actors.
• Intended Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile, Consoles, HTML5
• Tested platforms: PC, HTML5
• Documentation Included: Commented code, functions and variables

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