Nukeygara Akeytsu是一个非常规的动画软件,包括加法图层,面部混合形状动画。

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Akeytsu通过取消传统的控制装置和操纵器简化了装配工作流程,而是让艺术家直接处理网格和骨骼。Akeytsu 3D动画工具集专为有抱负的艺术家和专业动画师设计,可快速轻松地制作大量高质量动画。专注于索具和动画的阿基图拥有3D行业中最快的学习曲线。它提供了灵活而直观的功能,易于使用,并且不会影响到可以制作的内容的质量。



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3D animation. Reinvented. Disruptive & Intuitive. Akeytsu disrupts the status-quo with its simplicity, velocity and ergonomics. With its focus on the artist’s needs, Akeytsu does away with the dated and complex technical constraints of the traditional 3D animation toolset. Designed by animators, it offers a brand new approach to skinning, rigging and animation. Built from meticulous feedback and testing, the UI design and intuitive and accessible features meet every artist’s expectations.

Fast & Easy
Akeytsu simplifies the rigging workflow by doing away with traditional control rigs and manipulators and instead lets the artist handle directly the mesh and skeleton. The Akeytsu 3D animation toolset is designed for both the aspiring artist and the professional animator to produce large volumes of high quality animation quickly and easily. Dedicated solely to rigging and animation, Akeytsu has one of the fastest learning curves of any software in the 3D industry. It provides flexible and intuitive functionalities that are easy to use, without making compromises on the quality of the content that can be produced.

Innovative & Comfortable
Create a pose in a quick time with the Akeytsu Spinner, a smart 2D manipulator. Manage keyframing with the Akeytsu Stacker, the most efficient keyframe editor in its class. Edit the F-Curve in the 3D viewport and manipulate the IK solvers through the FK skeleton. Akeytsu optimizes your creative control and allows you to switch seamlessly between rigging and animation.

Efficient & Stable
Akeytsu has been perfected over an extensive twelve beta version history and is already widely used by indie game developers and animators before it’s much anticipated release. During this long, deliberate period of unlimited free beta access, Akeytsu has amassed a ton of user feedback from a variety of sources. This information has been used to develop, not only a very stable software, but one with proven gains of productivity within different game workflows. Production ready, reliable and stable Akeytsu is perfect for any creator of animation.