Blender到虚幻引擎5 Blender游戏艺术 Blender for Game Art

如何在Substance Painter中表现肌理

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这个游戏艺术课程的Blender旨在教任何使用Blender的人一个典型的管道和工作流程,你可能会在游戏工作室看到。我们从学习如何使用Blender对模块集进行三维建模开始,然后是UV展开和布局,用于Substance Painter内部的纹理。纹理化后不久,我们将我们的3d模型和纹理导入虚幻引擎5。创建材质后,我们开始照亮环境,为灰尘、血液添加贴花,为火、烟和灰尘添加粒子。这是最丰富的实践课程之一,你将学到有助于建立令人印象深刻的投资组合的东西。在过去的5年里,我一直在游戏行业工作,我发现工作流程让这个管道变得高效和有趣。UE5是工作室希望艺术家知道的最新游戏引擎,通过参加这门课程,将确保您熟悉UI和大多数元素,能够处理几乎任何任务。我选择在工作流程中添加“Substance Painter”的原因是因为它是行业标准的纹理化程序,我会让您做好准备,以便能够在程序上对任何UV-d 3d模型或资产进行纹理或手绘。



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Blender to Unreal Engine 5

What you’ll learn:
How to 3D Model in Blender
How UV Unwrap and Layout
How to Texture in Substance Painter
How to use Unreal Engine 5
How to Light Interior Environments in UE5

This course is geared more for Blender users (all levels) that are wanting to learn a great and efficient pipe-line for Game Art.

This Blender for Game Art Course was designed to teach anyone using Blender a typical pipeline and workflow that you may see at a gaming studio. We start off by learning how to 3D model a modular set using Blender, then UV Unwrap and Layout, for Texturing inside of Substance Painter. Shortly after texturing, we import our 3d models and textures into Unreal Engine 5. After creating materials we begin lighting our environment, add decals for dirt, blood, and particles for fire, smoke, and dust. This is one of the most informative and hands on course out and you will learn things that will help build an impressive portfolio. I’ve worked in the gaming Industry for the last 5 years and I’ve picked up workflows that make this pipeline efficient and fun. UE5 is the latest game engine that studios will want artist to know, and by taking this course will ensure that you’re familiar with the UI, and most elements, to be able to handle almost any task. The reason why I chose to add Substance Painter into the workflow is because it’s the industry standard texturing program, and I will prepare you for being able to procedurally texture or hand-paint any UV’d 3dmodel or asset.

So If this sounds like something you’d be interested in……I’ll see you on the inside!

Who this course is for
Blender Users
Aspiring game arts
Game Arts

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