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AdvArray修改器是Autodesk 3ds Max的高级参数化数组类型修改器。由于3ds Max不附带任何类型的参数化数组修改器,我已经对该修改器进行了编程,以填补这一空白,并添加了一些默认情况下在3ds Max中找不到的高级数组功能,甚至一些在其他第三方修改器中找不到的功能。

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The AdvArray modifier is an advanced parametric array type modifier for Autodesk® 3ds Max®. Being that 3ds Max does not ship with any sort of parametric array modifier, I’ve programmed this modifier to fill that void as well as add a number of advanced array features not found in 3ds Max by default, and even some that cannot be found in other third party modifiers.

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