Aqua Slot Asset是一款功能强大的Unity吃角子老虎机游戏,为您的移动/网络/视频游戏提供预制的游戏屏幕、大厅、休闲、海洋、水下、闪亮、多彩风格的弹出窗口。它包括了吃角子老虎机可能性的完整解决方案,包括改变卷轴的数量、符号、不同的规则、概率计算等。它还预制了一个简单的老虎机计算器。在IOS,Android,Web上工作。该软件包提供了完整的源代码,图形文件,适当的注释代码和详细的文档,以方便入门。

MK – Aqua Slot Asset 3.0 大小解压后:322M

Aqua Slot Asset is a powerful Slot game for Unity with premade Game Screen, Lobby, Pop-Ups in casual, marine, underwater, shiny, colorful style for your mobile/web/video game. It included the complete solution of slot possibilities, including changing the amount of the reels, symbols, different rules, probability calculation, etc. It has also premade a simple slot calculator. Working on IOS, Android, Web. The package is provided with complete source code, graphics files, properly commented code and detailed documentation for easy getting started.
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