Autodesk Revit 2022 Win x64 大小解压后:15.6G

另一家工程和设计软件公司Autodesk Autodesk Revit系列专为建筑建模(建筑信息建模或简称BIM)设计和生产而设计。振兴和振兴意味着赋予生命和生命采取Taz hdadn和启动软件,以创造复杂的设计显示。设施和软件
Autodesk Revit的功能:
-与AutoCAD和3ds Max软件交换数据
Another engineering and design software company Autodesk Autodesk Revit family is designed for modeling building (Building Information Modeling or abbreviated BIM) design and production. The set of words Revitalization and Revitalize means life-giving and life taken Taz·hdadn and power up the software to create complex designs shows. Facilities and software
features of Autodesk Revit:
-Simple user interface with the ability to learn fast
-two-dimensional and three-dimensional design and drawing maps of the building
-The ability to make connections between architectural plans, structures, and coordination between them and …
-Ability to use as user and group people on a project
-identify and remove errors conformity of views, sections and plans
-4D BIM capabilities for financial management and project cost estimates based on time
-Ability to calculate meter building and a quick change of the map changes
-exchange data with AutoCAD and 3ds Max software
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