SideFX Houdini FX 19.0.383 Mac x64 -XFORCE 大小:1.75G

Houdini 19反映了我们正在努力将艺术家为中心的工作流程置于每一个新功能的核心,并将实时工具和实时物理注入Houdini的整个结构。


Houdini用于生成几何图形和构建模型的程序技术随着每次发布而不断发展。Houdini 19种新工具,旨在使高效工作变得更加容易,完成更多任务。

Houdini 19 reflects our ongoing effort to place artist centric workflows at the heart of every new feature, and to inject realtime tools and realtime physics into the full fabric of Houdini.

Key enhancements have been made to Solaris for lookdev, layout and lighting, Karma for rendering and KineFX for motion editing and retargeting, along with hundreds of improvements and new workflows.

Houdini’s procedural techniques for generating geometry and building models are growing with each release. Houdini 19 new tools designed to make it even easier to work efficiently and to accomplish more.
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