PyTorch是脸书大学为Python编程语言开发的开源机器学习和深度学习库。这项技能将教您如何应用和部署PyTorch来解决常见的问题领域,如图像分类、风格转换、自然语言处理和预测分析。Building Deep Learning Solutions with PyTorch (Path)


Janani Ravi |时长:22小时00分钟|视频:H264 1280×720 |音频:AAC 48 kHz 2ch | 大小解压后2.85 GB |
语言:英语+中英文字幕(云桥网络 机译)


A1。PyTorch基金会(Janani Ravi,2019年)
A2。构建您的首个PyTorch解决方案(Janani Ravi,2019年)
A3。在云中使用PyTorch。PyTorch剧本(Janani Ravi,2019年)
B1。使用PyTorch进行图像分类(Janani Ravi,2019年)
B2。PyTorch的风格转移(Janani Ravi,2019)
B3。使用PyTorch进行自然语言处理(Janani Ravi,2019)
C1。用迁移学习加速深度学习。PyTorch剧本(Janani Ravi,2019年)
C2。PyTorch预测分析(Janani Ravi,2020年)
C3。在生产中部署PyTorch模型。PyTorch剧本(Janani Ravi,2019年)

Janani Ravi | Duration: 22h 00m | Video: H264 1280×720 | Audio: AAC 48 kHz 2ch | 2,7 GB | Language: English

PyTorch is an open-source machine learning and deep learning library developed at Facebook for the Python programming language. This skill teaches you how to apply and deploy PyTorch to address common problem domains, such as image classification, style transfer, natural language processing, and predictive analytics.

• Build your first PyTorch project, learning the underlying concepts behind the library and how it operates, and apply your knowledge in the Cloud.
• Apply PyTorch to common deep learning problem domains.
• Use PyTorch to create predictive analytics models, apply transfer learning techniques, and deploy and monitor your models in production.

Courses in this path

A1. Foundations of PyTorch (Janani Ravi, 2019)
A2. Building Your First PyTorch Solution (Janani Ravi, 2019)
A3. Using PyTorch in the Cloud. PyTorch Playbook (Janani Ravi, 2019)
B1. Image Classification with PyTorch (Janani Ravi, 2019)
B2. Style Transfer with PyTorch (Janani Ravi, 2019)
B3. Natural Language Processing with PyTorch (Janani Ravi, 2019)
C1. Expediting Deep Learning with Transfer Learning. PyTorch Playbook (Janani Ravi, 2019)
C2. Predictive Analytics with PyTorch (Janani Ravi, 2020)
C3. Deploying PyTorch Models in Production. PyTorch Playbook (Janani Ravi, 2019)

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