CGAxis–Unity系列的食品3D模型。大小解压后:458M .unitypackage 格式
收集了59种不同的食品。从真实产品扫描并优化(低于2k多边形)。在里面你会发现一些烘焙产品,比如甜卷、松饼、蛋糕、水果和小吃。此集合与Unity 3D Engine 5.6.2或更高版本兼容,并具有准备为具有材料和纹理的预设的模型。下载PDF手册了解更多详情。本系列中展示的所有图像均由Unity制作。

CGAxis – Food 3D Models for Unity Collection.
Collection of 59 various food products. Scanned from real products and optimized (below 2k polygons). In it you will find bakery products such as sweetrolls, muffins, cakes, fruits and snacks. This collection is compatible with Unity 3D Engine 5.6.2 or higher and have models prepared as prefabs with materials and textures. Download PDF brochure for more details. All images showed in this collection are made in Unity.
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