Unreal Engine 5 Lighting – Lumen Tutorial for Beginners

在虚幻引擎5 (UE5)中学习使用lumen来照亮你的场景。使用这项强大的新技术,快速轻松地为您的场景添加动态反弹光和全局照明(GI)。在本教程中,我们将讨论如何设置流明和如何使用它,以及如何使用发光材料来动态照亮您的场景。当epic前几天展示新的虚幻引擎5演示时,我知道我必须坐下来为你们创造一个新的视频!

Learn to use lumen to light your scenes in Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). Use this powerful new tech to quickly and easily add dynamic bounce light and global illumination (GI) to your scenes. In this tutorial we go over setting up lumen and how to use it, as well as using emissive materials to dynamically light your scenes. When epic showed the new unreal engine 5 demo the other day I knew I had to sit down and create a new video for you guys!