Release date:2015, June 27

Author:Sean McCabe |

Skill level:Beginner


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Since 2014, thousands have purchased the Learn Lettering class and now it gets even better. Learn Lettering 2.0 launches on July 27th, 2015 with fully reproduced videos and all-new modules!

(Yes, if you purchased the Master Class already, you’re going to get a free upgrade and access to all the new modules—I’ll send you an email with the details soon. I like rewarding loyalty!)

I’ve gone through hundreds of emails from hand letterers like you sharing their biggest struggles, and as a result I’ve completely re-engineered the course. It’s tailored to the most important things you need to learn.

I’m producing an all-new Starter Class. I’m jam-packing it with modules on typographic terms, deliberate practice, in-depth lessons on drawing letters, the full digitization module, and a bonus module called Lettering Masters.

Lettering Masters is an interview series where you’ll go behind-the-scenes in an exclusive feature with expert hand letterers who share their inspiration, process, tools, methods of getting clients, selling products, and more.

I’ve been receiving some of their work samples back today to include in the feature and it’s giving me goosebumps it’s so good.

01. Typographic Terms & Deliberate Practice 01. Welcome seanwes 02. The Anatomy of Type seanwes 03. Choosing Harmonious Styles seanwes 04. Drawing Inspiration from Typefaces seanwes 05. Deliberate Practice (Part A) seanwes 06. Deliberate Practice (Part B) seanwes

02. How to Draw Three Common Hand Lettering Styles 01. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Part A) seanwes 02. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Part B) seanwes 03. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Part C) seanwes 04. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Part D) seanwes 05. Drawing Sans-Serif – Lowercase (Part A) seanwes 06. Drawing Sans-Serif – Lowercase (Part B) seanwes 07. Drawing Sans-Serif – Lowercase (Part C) seanwes 08. Drawing Sans-Serif – Lowercase (Part D) seanwes 09. Drawing Serif – Capitals (Part A) seanwes 10. Drawing Serif – Capitals (Part B) seanwes 11. Drawing Serif – Lowercase (Part A) seanwes 12. Drawing Serif – Lowercase (Part B) seanwes 13. Drawing Script – Capitals (Part A) seanwes 14. Drawing Script – Capitals (Part B) seanwes 15. Drawing Script – Lowercase (Part A) seanwes 16. Drawing Script – Lowercase (Part B) seanwes 17. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Part D) seanwes

03. Digitizing Hand Lettering 01. Digitally Preparing Sketches seanwes 02. How to Digitize Hand Lettering – Sketch to Vector Tutorial 03. Editing Vectors seanwes 04. Creating Precise Vectors with Shapes seanwes 05. Creating Precise Vectors with the Pen Tool seanwes

04. Hand Lettering Tools in Use 01. Lead Holders seanwes 02. Microns seanwes 03. Brush Pens seanwes 04. Watercolor Brush Pens seanwes

05. Mastering the Art of Letterspacing 01. Applying Kerning Principles to Lettering seanwes 02. Volumes of Negative Space seanwes 03. Planning Out Lettering for Even Spacing seanwes 04. Preventing and Recognizing Spacing Problems seanwes

06. How to Design Strong Compositions 01. Dissecting Sentences seanwes 02. Making Thumbnail Concepts seanwes 03. Applying Lettering Styles seanwes 04. Creating the Composition seanwes

07. Creating Original Artworks With Precision 01. The Case for Originals seanwes 02. Creating the Concept Template seanwes 03. Transferring Designs to the Canvas seanwes

08. Designing Custom Type Logos 01. Concept Sketching seanwes 02. Logo Design Vectorization seanwes 03. Refining the Vector Concept seanwes 04. Logo Design Questionnaire seanwes

09. Finding Clients 01. How to Attract More Attention seanwes 02. Defining the Right Type of Client seanwes 03. Getting the Clients That Pay Well seanwes 04. Common Red Flags to Watch Out For seanwes

10. Client Communication 01. Preliminary Discussion seanwes 02. Preventing Problems Before They Happen seanwes 03. Setting Expectations and Establishing Responsibilities seanwes 04. Crafting the Presentation seanwes

11. Pricing on Value 01. Full Price or Free seanwes 02. Uncovering Value to the Client seanwes 03. How to Price With Confidence seanwes 04. The True Value of a Logo seanwes

12. Understanding and Writing Design Contracts 01. Starting with Plain English seanwes 02. Understanding the Terms seanwes 03. Payments, Deadlines, and Deliverables seanwes 04. Using the Contract Template seanwes 05. Streamlining Contract Delivery and Getting Paid seanwes

13. Selling Physical Products 01. What Products Should You Start With seanwes 02. Marketing Physical Products seanwes 03. Promoting Products Without Discounting seanwes 04. Increasing Revenue seanwes

14. The Selling Power of Licensing 01. Introduction to Licensing seanwes 02. Understanding the Terms seanwes 03. Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Rights seanwes 04. Breaking Down Royalties and Advances seanwes

15. Teaching Hand Lettering 01. Building an Audience for Teaching seanwes 02. Three Ways to Make Money Teaching seanwes 03. Marketing for Maximum Sales seanwes 04. How to Price seanwes

16. Sketchnotes 01. Introduction to Sketchnotes seanwes 02. Tools and Preparation seanwes 03. Sketchnote Building Blocks seanwes 04. Sketchnote Process seanwes 05. Sketchnote Cheats seanwes 06. Sketchnote Photography seanwes 07. Sharing Sketchnotes seanwes 08. Sketchnote Tips seanwes 09. Doing Sketchnotes for Pay seanwes

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