Release date:2018, June

Duration:05 h 01 m

Author:Andy Beane

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Still don’t have the professional results you’ve been looking for in your renders? Go beyond basic textures. Learn how to create realistic wood grain, leather, brick, and fabric textures using an advanced Maya workflow that incorporates tools like Photoshop, Mudbox, and Substance Painter. Instructor Andy Beane takes existing models such as a leather chair and a floor lamp and shows how to build a visual story that enhances the realism of their appearance. He uses image manipulation features in Photoshop to build 3D textures and shows how to paint them directly on your models in Mudbox—getting a final-render-like preview in real time. Then he switches to Substance Painter, creating procedural textures that are applied back in Maya. The course provides hands-on practice and a solid workflow that will help you texture almost any object you encounter in the future.

Table of Contents


Welcome 1m.16s.

What you should know 43s.

How to use the exercise files 1m.45s.

1. Texture Basics

What is texture? 3m.25s.

Interview your objects 6m.41s.

2. UVs

UV basics in Maya 4m.52s.

UV workflows 10m.44s.

UV layouts 8m.24s.

To UV or not to UV? 5m.9s.

3. Textures in May a and Photoshop

Review reference materials 8m.16s.

Remove shadows from the base texture 5m.24s.

Tile texture 9m.

Texture scale 7m.30s.

Brick: Bump map 10m.58s.

Brick: Add final touches 8m..

Brick: Begin coloring the wall 12m.5s.

Brick: Create spec roughness map 8m.2s.

Wood floor: Paint textures 11m.38s.

Wood floor: Create a normal map 8m.2s.

Wood floor: Specular highlights 10m.38s.

4. Textures in Mudbox

Review reference materials in Mudbox 6m.44s.

Bake hi-res details 9m.40s.

Leather: Grain paint textures 9m.34s.

Leather: Add cracks 7m.36s.

Leather: Final digital sculpting 11m.19s.

Leather: Block the color 10m.55s.

Leather: Color finalization 6m.26s.

Leather: Specular highlights 8 m.57s.

Leather: Export texture maps 3m.53s.

Leather: Render texture maps 10m.42s.

5. Textures in Substance Painter

Prep your models 6m.13s.

Bake maps at base level 6m.4s.

Wall base: Color and metal 10m.35s.

Lamp base: Blocking 6m.12s.

Lamp base: Finalization 8m.58s.

Lamp shade: Blocking 11m.23s.

Light bulb: Texture channels 4m.4s.

Add a dusting effect 7m.35s.

Apply textures from Substance to Maya 10m.46s.

Conclusion Next steps 1m.27s.

001 Welcome 002 What you should know 003 How to use the exercise files 004 What is texture_ 005 Interview your objects 006 UV basics in Maya 007 UV workflows 008 UV layouts 009 To UV or not to UV_ 010 Review reference materials 011 Remove shadows from the base texture 012 Tile texture 013 Texture scale 014 Brick – Bump map 015 Brick – Add final touches 016 Brick – Begin coloring the wall 017 Brick – Create spec roughness map 018 Wood floor – Paint textures 019 Wood floor – Create a normal map 020 Wood floor – Specular highlights 021 Review reference materials in Mudbox 022 Bake hi-res details 023 Leather – Grain paint textures 024 Leather – Add cracks 025 Leather – Final digital sculpting 026 Leather – Block the color 027 Leather – Color finalization 028 Leather – Specular highlights 029 Leather – Export texture maps 030 Leather – Render texture maps 031 Prep your models 032 Bake maps at base level 033 Wall base – Color and metal 034 Lamp base – Blocking 035 Lamp base – Finalization 036 Lamp shade – Blocking 037 Light bulb – Texture channels 038 Add a dusting effect 039 Apply textures from Substance to Maya 040 Next steps Exercise Files 01.rar Exercise Files 02.rar Exercise Files 03.rar

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