Arnold for CINEMA 4D C4DtoA-4.2.1 Win x64 大小解压后:1.3G


Arnold for Cinema 4D(或C4DtoA)提供了从标准的Cinema 4D界面到Arnold渲染器的桥梁。

–所有Arnold插件中最快的交互式渲染(IPR ),允许在不中断工作的情况下快速预览参数更改。
–支持X-Particles和Turbulence FD等第三方插件。

Arnold for Cinema 4D (or C4DtoA) provides a bridge to the Arnold renderer from within the standard Cinema 4D interface.

– Seamless integration with C4D: objects (instances, cloners, deformers, generators), MoGraph geometry, hair and splines.
– Support for both native particles and Thinking Particles.
– The fastest interactive rendering (IPR) of all Arnold plugins, allows parameter changes to be rapidly previewed without interrupting your work.
– Arnold Shading Network Editor, a node-based material editor.
– A comprehensive list of shaders and utilities, including vertex maps and per-face materials.
– Volume rendering with OpenVDB.
– Deferred, render time generation of geometry with the Arnold procedural node.
– Native linear workflow.
– Team Render, including single-frame distributed rendering.
– Support for third party plugins like X-Particles and Turbulence FD.

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