Arnold for 3ds Max是一个公正的、基于物理的光线跟踪3D渲染引擎。它是3ds Max附带的默认复杂渲染引擎,也是《地心引力》、《极乐世界》、《环太平洋》、《爱丽丝梦游仙境》等主要作品中使用最多的引擎之一。它擅长于快速获得可靠、好看、真实的效果,这可以给用户时间来改善实际场景,而不是调整其设置。

一款高级的蒙特卡洛光线追踪渲染器,专为长篇动画和视觉效果的要求而编写。新版Solid Angle 3ds Max To Arnold支持3ds Max .阿诺德最初与索尼影业联合Imageworks开发,现在是他们的主要渲染器,阿诺德用于全世界超过300个工作室,包括ILM,Framestore, MPC, The Mill和Digic Pictures。阿诺德是主要的渲染器在多的电影,如 Monster House 和 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to Pacific Rim and Gravity。

软件开发商Solid Angle很高兴地宣布,适用于Autodesk 3ds Max的Arnold(或MAXtoA)是一个次要功能版本,更新到Arnold。

Arnold是一个高级的跨平台渲染库,或称API,被电影、电视和动画领域的许多著名组织使用,包括Sony Pictures Imageworks。它是作为一种照片级的、基于物理的光线跟踪技术开发的,可以替代传统的基于扫描线的CG动画渲染软件。



Solid Angle SL是Arnold渲染软件背后的技术公司,在马德里和伦敦设有办事处,客户遍布世界各地,包括Framestore、梦工厂、ILM、索尼影业、MPC、The Mill、Mikros Image和旭日影业。Arnold的设计是从头开始的,旨在高效地光线跟踪特征长度CGI动画和大预算视觉效果所需的复杂几何数据集,同时简化管道,减少通道数量,最大限度地减少存储需求,并大大增强灯光艺术家的交互性。

产品:立体角3ds Max到阿诺德
系统要求:Windows *
大小:1 Gb
包含版本:2021 2022 2023
The software developer Solid Angle is pleased to announce the availability of Arnold (or MAXtoA) for Autodesk 3ds Max is a minor feature release, updating to Arnold

Arnold is an advanced cross-platform rendering library, or API, used by a number of prominent organizations in film, television, and animation, including Sony Pictures Imageworks. It was developed as a photo-realistic, physically-based ray tracing alternative to traditional scanline based rendering software for CG animation.

Arnold uses cutting-edge algorithms that make the most effective use of your computer’s hardware resources: memory, disk space, multiple processor cores, and SIMD/SSE units.

The Arnold architecture was designed to easily adapt to existing pipelines. It is built on top of a pluggable node system; users can extend and customize the system by writing new shaders, cameras, filters, and output driver nodes, as well as procedural geometry, custom ray types and user-defined geometric data. The primary goal of the Arnold architecture is to provide a complete solution as a primary renderer for animation and visual effects.

Arnold for 3ds Max is an unbiased, physically based, ray tracing 3D rendering engine. It is the default complex rendering engine that comes along with 3ds Max, and it is one of the most used engines in major productions like Gravity, Elysium, Pacific Rim, Alice in Wonderland, and many others. It excels itself in achieving reliable, good looking, realistic results rather quickly, which can give the user time to spend improving the actual scene, rather than tweaking its settings.

Solid Angle SL is the technology company behind the Arnold rendering software, with offices in Madrid and London and customers throughout the world including Framestore, DreamWorks, ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, The Mill, Mikros Image and Rising Sun Pictures. Arnold was designed from the ground up to efficiently raytrace the complex geometric datasets required for feature­-length CGI animation and big­ budget visual effects, while at the same time simplifying the pipeline, reducing the number of passes, minimizing storage requirements and greatly enhancing interactivity for lighting artists.

Product: Solid Angle 3ds Max to Arnold
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *

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