Adobe Substance 3D Sampler v3.1.1 MacOS

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Adobe Substance 3D Sampler v3.1.1 MacOS Substance Painter-第1张

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使用Adobe Sensei提供的功能,轻松导入参考照片并将其转换为高质量的3D材料。与原始真实表面紧密匹配,并根据您的捕捉创建无缝的可平铺材料。



使用设计器中的生成器和滤镜,为Stager合成灯光环境,或将材质和灯光发送给Painter。您甚至可以直接在Adobe Photoshop中编辑您的2D输入。从所有主要3D应用的各种导出预设中进行选择。

macOS 10.14或更高版本64位

充实 3D 资源,实现数字化。

Substance 3D Sampler 是 3D 工作流的核心。轻松将真实的图片转换为具有真实感的表面或 HDR 环境。

Language: Multilingual | File size: 1 GB
Substance 3D Sampler is at the heart of your 3D workflow. Easily transform a real-life picture into a photorealistic surface or HDR environment.

Transform real-world pictures into 3D materials.
Easily import a reference photo and transform it into a high-quality 3D material with features powered by Adobe Sensei. Closely match the original real-life surface and create seamless tileable materials from your captures.

Combine and mix materials.
Combine multiple materials and parametric filters to create more advanced surfaces. Access thousands of materials on Substance 3D Assets and Substance 3D Community Assets. The possibilities are endless.

An extensive content library to get you started.
Drag and drop your image, add a couple of prebuilt filters, and voila — a library of one-click generators, filters, and effects lets you quickly experiment and get results in just a few clicks. Send your assets directly to Substance 3D Painter and Stager.

The heart of your 3D workflow.
Use generators and filters from Designer, composite light environments for Stager, or send materials and lights to Painter. You can even edit your 2D inputs directly in Adobe Photoshop. Choose from a variety of export presets for all major 3D apps.
Release Notes

Supported Operation Systems:
macOS 10.14 or later 64 bit

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