Blender入门教程 Schoolism – Introduction to blender – Sonja Christoph

2021.10.10 Blender教程/学习教程 23

Blender入门教程 Schoolism – Introduction to blender – Sonja Christoph Blender教程-第1张
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建模、绘画、动画、模拟、渲染……有什么是你在Blender里做不到的吗?可能性似乎是无穷无尽的,像Blender这样的3D工具让艺术家们更容易实现视觉故事,同时也给了艺术家们所需的工具,让他们能够创作出当今创意行业所追求的高水平3D艺术。在本课程中,3D多面手、首席环境艺术家和哑光画家Sonja Christoph将教您在Blender中开始创建自己的3D艺术所需的所有工具和技术!
Blender入门教程 Schoolism – Introduction to blender – Sonja Christoph Blender教程-第2张

Blender入门教程 Schoolism – Introduction to blender – Sonja Christoph Blender教程-第3张
Blender入门教程 Schoolism – Introduction to blender – Sonja Christoph Blender教程-第4张
Modeling, painting, animation, simulation, rendering…is there anything you CAN’T do in Blender? The possibilities are seemingly endless, and 3D tools like Blender have made visual storytelling even more attainable for artists, while also giving artists the tools they need to be able to create the high-level 3D art that creative industries seek today. In this course, 3D generalist, lead environment artist, and matte painter, Sonja Christoph, will teach you all the tools and techniques you need to get started in creating your own 3D art in Blender!

Sonja will share her extensive knowledge of Blender from her experience in the film and game industries to show you, step-by-step, how to use the software and all of the game-changing features it offers. From basic modeling principles and tools, to creating textures and materials, to lighting, animation & effects, and even sculpting & painting, Sonja will teach you how to harness the power of Blender to create eye-catching 3D work of your own.

Oh, and did we mention that by Lesson 9, you’ll be using everything you’ve learned to complete your final assignment: building your own SPACE STATION?! That’s right! By the end of the course, you’ll have created and modeled an entire space station that is fully rendered, detailed, and animated in Blender. So if you’re ready to join Sonja in creating art that’s truly out of this world, check out this course today!

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